Tax Testimonials

Tax Testimonials

“I have found Roy to be knowledgeable and responsive. He is thorough and “sweats the small stuff”. His fees are reasonable and are actually a bit lower than our previous accountants, considering the time he spends on our account. I can recommend him without reservation.”

David Mintz, Boca Raton, Florida
Client Since 2013

“During my business career and retirement, I have used many accounting firms. My statement of satisfaction related to your firm is based upon many years of experience and sometime disappointments with prior firms. Roy F. Glassberg CPA, PA has been the most helpful, patient and professional in all aspects of accounting services I have been provided with. Your firm has helped me resolve issues that I brought to your office with swiftness and effective processes.

Roy is patient, knowledgeable, concerned, and has suggested steps that improved my financial records as well as tax filings. As my return contains both personal as well as commercial filing, your coordinating and over view provided simplicity and ease in completion.”

Wallace Shapiro, Boca Raton, Florida
Client Since 2013

“My wife and I have been using Roy Glassberg’s firm for our personal and business accounting needs since 2010. We have started a number of businesses since moving to FL and have found Roy and his team to be extraordinarily helpful. Many entrepreneurs like us, who launch their own businesses, start out by wearing the accountant’s hat and doing their own taxes…in addition to doing just about everything else in the business. We are aware that business’ financial challenges can become too great to handle without expert help and have relied on Roy’s firm for all financial matters to reduce risk and save money. Roy and his team have not only saved us money but have also saved us from spending hours in front of QuickBooks®, wondering where to begin. We find Roy Glassberg and his team to be extremely professional and highly reliable and recommend him for all of your accounting matters.”

David & Kimberly Pankey, Boca Raton, Florida
Client Since 2010

“It has been our pleasure and satisfaction in dealing with Mr. Glassberg and associates for many years. What has kept us these many years with this firm? I know that my tax preparation is probably one of the more simple ones that they handle, yet I can expect and receive the same quality service and accuracy as the most complicated. The services provided by this firm leaves me with absolute peace in knowing that my tax preparation is being done with integrity, the latest tax knowledge available and supported by people that really care for the clients and product that they supply. I would highly recommend this firm for your tax and business planning.”

Ron & Lynn Whiles, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Client Since 2000

“I was referred to Roy F. Glassberg CPA, PA by a family member. I am starting a new business in Florida and did not have time to research what needed to be done on my own. I am moving to Florida in, late 2014, from Massachusetts and will continue to use their services.”

Len Horowitz, Boynton Beach, Florida
Client Since 2014

“I am a newer client of Roy’s and I have already told my friends about him and his staff. Roy Glassberg’s firm saved me roughly $800 on my taxes this past year. I am still thinking about his quickness and professionalism! I was very happy to meet Roy through one of my friends.”

Tiru Vankatesh, Boca Raton, Florida
Client Since 2014

“I like the way Roy handles my taxes. I will ask him questions as he is busy entering items for my return and he is able to answer me. Its multi tasking at its finest! I trust his judgment and his expertise. Roy will always help with any question I may have. I have gone to other accountants that just wanted to sell me on investments, I like doing my own investing, and Roy is a very good accountant and he respects the way I feel about my investing. I wanted some expert advice about my taxes and I found that in Roy F. Glassberg CPA, PA. Everyone in Roy’s office is friendly and always helpful. Thank you Roy and your staff for the great job you do for me!!”

Michael Zemsky, Boynton Beach, Florida
Client Since 2012

“I was recommended to Roy Glassberg because I was seeking a new accountant. I had a meeting with Roy and I was very impressed. His office is run very well; he is extremely knowledgeable, very sharp, and an extremely kind man. I decided to work with Roy Glassberg and WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT over my previous accountant! First of all, Roy Glassberg discovered that I GROSSLY overpaid on my previous tax returns and IMMEDIATELY sent in an amended tax return to the IRS requesting my refund. I was so impressed that he discovered this and I am due a substantial refund. If I have a question or send an email, I get a very quick reply. Roy is on top of everything! He is always available and if he is not, he returns calls within the same day or latest one day later which is GREAT service! I would recommend ROY GLASSBERG CPA to anyone I know who is in need of an accountant and my recommendation is with full confidence that they will be as pleased as I.”

Barbara Carpe, Highland Beach, Florida
Client Since 2013

“I have been working with Roy and his team for over 15 years and have been very happy since day one. I like the one on one personal attention I get with his services. I would recommend him to my friends and family.”

Loren Farinelli – Financial Advisor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“With great sadness I walked into Roy’s office for the first time, to file my taxes and taxes for my son, who had just passed away in New York. Roy had come highly recommended to me and it turned out that I was very, very fortunate that he has offices in both Florida and New York and was able to help me file my son’s New York Income and State taxes, as well.
I want to thank and commend Roy and his team for their expertise, kindness and sensitivity in helping me through an extremely difficult time.”

Jan Rudikoff, Boca Raton, Florida

“Roy has made doing my taxes an easy process. He has responded quickly to any questions/problems that I have had and his fees are less than my previous accountant.”

E.J. Gevirtz, MD, New York, New York & Boca Raton, Florida
Client Since 2008

“I have worked with the CPA firm of Roy F. Glassberg, CPA PA for over two years. Their attention to detail and service has been exceptional; this service is a bonus over and above the fact that their annual fees, as compared with our last CPA firm, are 65% less than we previously paid. If you are a business that does not need a certified audit, and would like to work with a firm that puts service first, then I highly recommend the firm of Roy F. Glassberg, CPA PA.”

Daphne Black – Principal at Black Electric, Inc.

“Having dealt with a number of accountants through the years, I have to recommend Roy Glassberg and his Team for all Accounting needs. Roy is always ready to answer questions and has given invaluable assistance throughout the year – not only during Tax Season. If you’re looking for a competent, knowledgeable, personable Accountant for your personal or business needs, call Roy Glassberg, CPA.”

Rita Gasparri – Principal with Gasparri Realty