Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

“Just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated all of your accounting skills throughout all of the years that we have been associated. (It is probably close to 25 years now!). The professionalism and courteous service from the entire staff makes it a pleasure to do business with your firm. Your prompt attention to our various accounting issues is much appreciated. We look forward to another 25 years of working with your firm!”

Marty Green – President of XZY Inc/Just Our Shoes, Ridgewood, New Jersey

“The Accounting Firm of Roy F Glassberg CPA, PA has provided me with sound business advice for many years. I have relied on them for updated information regarding the filing of Tax and Payroll for New York State. The staff has answered every question I have had in a timely matter. End of year filing has been a pleasure. We have been working together for over thirteen years.”

Angela Barone – President of Anbar Esthetics, Inc., Hopewell Junction, New York
Client Since 2006

“I have been using Roy for many years not only to do my personal and business accounting but to set up LLCs, handle accounting for other family members, and help train my business manager. I give Roy 5 stars! His knowledge of my business needs, timely advice and a friendly and competent staff make working with Roy F Glassberg enjoyable. I have recommended Roy’s firm to a number of people over the years and I believe they are all still clients of his! I am happy to recommend him to anyone going forward!”

Linda Raschke, Chicago, Illinois
Client Since 1999

“Roy Glassberg has been my accountant since 1991; he has always had my best interests in business and personal financial matters. Over the years I have recommended Roy to some of my friends who have become clients as well. Honesty, integrity and knowledge of the laws have given me confidence in business and personal transactions. I respect and revere our relationship, as does my wife Stacey. We will continue putting our trust in Roy as long as he is practicing.”

Alan Brumel, Boca Raton, Florida
Client Since 1991

“Amy and I appreciate the personal attention we get from Roy Glassberg CPA. Bookkeeping is the last thing Amy has any interest in being involved in; it’s hard enough running her business day to day. Roy understands exactly what Amy needs and takes the burden of bookkeeping completely off of her shoulders. In addition to that, any time we need reports run or anything for that matter, you guys are incredibly responsive which we really appreciate. You guys are the best CPA firm we’ve ever worked with and we continue to refer people to you knowing they will be very well taken care of.”

Rich & Amy Tyroler, Parkland, Florida
Clients Since 2012

“We have worked closely with Roy Glassberg for about fourteen years. Roy and his staff are always available to answer our questions. We rest easy knowing that our business and personal tax records and returns are done accurately and in a timely fashion. We let your firm do the work so we can concentrate on spending our time where it should be, on serving our own customers. We feel both our personal and corporate needs are in good hands.”

Austin and Barbara Frishman – Owners of AMF Pest Management Services, Inc., Boca Raton, Florida
Client Since 2000

“Working with Roy and his team has been wonderful. Just recently we were approved by a local Bank for a very important refinance on our equipment; I am 100% positive without the quality work that Roy has provided we would not have been approved. Our financials looked very organized and done properly. Banks see this and trust the business. Further, Roy has always been wonderful getting back to us at TIKORE when we have random questions. I very much recommend Roy and his team to anyone looking to bring on a new CPA.”

Joshua Montagna – Partner at Tikore Industries, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Client Since 2012

“Roy F. Glassberg, C.P.A., P.A., has been preparing both my personal and small business taxes for over 10 years. Prior to that I had been preparing my own taxes and switching from one accountant to another. All the while I was losing money every year. Since going with Roy Glassberg I have realized thousands of dollars every year in tax returns that would have been otherwise lost to me. Not only is Roy a competent and thorough accountant who takes a personal interest in my financial well-being, he is also a great source of guidance and advice and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Roy Glassberg and any of his associates to anyone looking for top notch accounting services from a user friendly and reliable accounting team.”

Selig Landsman, Poughkeepsie, New York
Client Since 2003

“The team was very instrumental in helping us filing our taxes. This part of our business is better left up to the experts!”

Debbie Russo Karsch – Co-Owner of Unique Designs by D&H, Congers, New York
Client Since 2012

“Roy Glassberg and his team have been our accountants for many years. I would highly recommend them for your accounting needs. Roy & his team respond to e-mails and phone calls promptly and give you great service overall. The fee’s are reasonable and the service exceptional.”

Rosie Diesing – Vice President of Metro Builders Corp., Clinton Corners, New York
Client Since 2002

“Roy’s services for our agency have been entirely comprehensive and beyond satisfactory. He has met with us at length on numerous occasions and has helped educate us as to our tax obligations and options. He has even come out to our office to help tutor and supervise our first time use QuickBooks®. Roy’s team is always professional and kind.”

John Jack – Allstate Insurance Company, Boca Raton, Florida
Client Since 2013

“Roy has been our personal and business accounts for about 20 years. He has always given sound advice and asked the right questions to maximize our returns. Along with Roy’s brother Lee, who has been a wealth of information and always on top of all local and state taxes due for my business, we could not think of a better accountant firm than Roy’s.”

Steve Schreier – President of Poorboy’s World Inc., West Nyack, New York

“We have been clients since 2001 and could not be happier. Our former accountant died in 2000 and had incorporated us in 1985 as we were independent contractors. Our corporate and personal taxes were rather complicated and we wanted someone we could trust. My sister owned a business in NY and used used Roy’s firm and we’ve been here since. Any tax issues with the IRS have always handled promptly with a positive outcome. We highly recommend Roy Glassberg and his associates. You will feel comforted by being in good hands and that value is incalculable.”

Madeleine Grabill and Michael Grabill – Owners of Birdie Corporation, Weston, Florida
Clients Since 2001

“Roy Glassberg CPA is a great firm. Very technology oriented and organized. Roy is a CPA for the 21st century.
Roy has saved me & my business time and money. When you ask for something you get it!! I recommend Roy and his staff to all my friends and business associates. Roy has a great staff. I highly recommend Roy Glassberg CPA.”

Scott Rosenstein – President Summit Electronics Corp., Boca Raton, Florida

“Working with Roy has been a pleasure since day 1. The whole team is thorough, detailed and extremely diligent in their follow up to all of our small-business needs. Due to their great service, we had a smooth process in filing our business and personal taxes each year with stellar support and quick assistance needed throughout the year when any matter arose. Their professionalism and dedication to their customers is truly remarkable, we would highly recommend their services to any family or business endeavor.”

Lindsey & Jeremiah – Owners of The Wine Wave, Delray Beach, Florida

“I have been using Roy Glassberg as my accountant for over 30 years. I have a number of corporations and LLC’s and Roy asks me questions so he understands the ins and outs of them and how they inter relate. He is always on top of my filing dates and his prices for his services are less them other accountants that I have contacted. I would recommend him to anyone with a more complicated than normal tax return.”

Richard Shulkin – President of Easy Lifestyle Real Estate, New Windsor, New York

“Prior to doing business with the former Glassberg & Mermer over 20 years ago, my ex-wife Barbara and I ran a daycare in our home and did our own tax returns. When Harold Glassberg noticed that we were claiming daycare income as Barbara’s, and paying the full amount of FICA tax on that income, he explained that since I maxed out on FICA we could save the entire amount by claiming that income under my name, since I was the President of the corporation. He saved us thousands of dollars that first year and multiple years thereafter, and I have been with Harold and Roy ever since. The amount of money we saved has paid for their services many times over. I have since remarried and my wife and I have a different business. We once evaluated another accounting firm, and after learning of the excruciatingly complicated bookkeeping required by that firm, we decided to stay with Roy Glassberg and have never looked back. I’ve been with Roy for over ten years now, and he is a pleasure to deal with at tax time and any time I have questions during the year.”

Mark Passaro, Lagrangeville, New York

“Thank you so much for the great service you provide. With your help, QuickBooks® has become very easy for me to use. When my bookkeeper left a few years back you guys made the transition for me very easy. You guys definitely helped me to understand my tax obligations much better as well. All of you are just a call away if I have any questions and that is very comforting to me. I would recommend you to family and friends and actually already have.”

Syd Egenhauser – Owner of Atlas Chiropractic, Inc., Somerset, Kentucky
Client Since 1996

“Roy Glassberg and his team have always provided me with a great professional experience. I have been with the Glassberg firm since the early 90s and have been completely satisfied with its services. They have always responded to my questions and challenges in a timely manner. I would highly recommend the Roy Glassberg CPA Firm as every aspect of my business and personal accounting needs has been handled professionally and diligently. They have very reasonable accounting rates and always take great care of my tax returns. Roy’s accounting firm always provides me with whatever I need, and its services are greatly appreciated.”

Michael J. Maers – President, All Recycling, Inc., Newburgh, New York

“I met Roy approximately twenty years ago, through my Network technician. When he arrived at my location, I was in the process of removing my PC and throwing it out my window. At that time, one of Roy’s qualifications in business was that he was a registered Mac 90 reseller. At that time, I was not known for my patience and I quickly learned that Roy had and still has a wealth of patience. He did on that day, removed me from a deep dark, technology hole and gave me great insight as to how I might move forward. Roy represented his limits on technology and by no means did he try to sell me on something he could not do. When he departed, his last words were, “if you ever need an accountant, here is my card” and left it at that. A year later Roy and I came to an agreement, and here we are today. If you know Roy, he is not known for his hard sell, as a matter of fact, I would say, he has a hard time with digesting any sales approach because, in my opinion, he is an avid listener, who is analytical and is able to sort through what might be fact and fiction. In my experience with him, he is always looking for solutions and, most of all, options. In any business concept or situation presented to him, Roy is a true thinker. I have the utmost respect for his thought processes. Every day is a learning process for him, which he openly admits and I, as a client, have never detected an ounce of ego stuck in between his process and our business relationship. I feel I am being completely objective with all of my comments and my time with Roy has confirmed these facts for me.

Roy maintains a terrific team, with all job responsibilities defined to me as a client. Nothing is perfect, but my experiences are that this team strives for excellence on an ongoing basis. In a business sense, most processes are a point to point; eliminating unneeded and certainly, unwanted layers. The phone and emails are answered in a timely manner, leaving few to no interruptions to our business process. Simply put, we know the team’s names and we know who they are and what they do! We get strong efforts all around!! Know how, credibility, innovation, dignity, quality of work and last but not least, trust. Those qualities and more have built my relationship with this firm.
Thank you for your hard work, and most of all your friendship.”

Andy Pskowski – Owner of All State Distributors, NE, Inc., Middletown, New York

“I am writing this email to express my gratitude to Roy Glassberg & everyone at the firm of Roy F. Glassberg CPA, PA for the professional guidance that we have received for many years. Through the ups and downs of being a small business owner the firm has continually been there to guide us, educate us and help us to make the right decisions to help us grow our business in regard to bookkeeping and many other facets. We have been able to navigate through a tough economy with Roy’s training. We needed to make tough decisions when it came to cutting expenses and making our business more efficient in this economy. We are only able to do that with the guidance of Roy and his team. Again my deepest thanks goes out to everyone at the firm of Roy F. Glassberg CPA, PA!”

Bill Coughlin – President of Hudson Valley Sport Court, Inc., Fishkill, New York

“Since the inception of our corporation in 1989, we have utilized the accounting services of Roy Glassberg. There is always someone available for assistance when needed. Recently, Caroline quickly supplied me with various documents I needed for a refinance on my home. Roy also graciously took the time to help me with a payroll issue. Lee has been handling our account for many years and we couldn’t be happier with him. We have placed our trust and confidence in him and appreciate and respect his input and advice. Over the years we have come to consider him a friend.”

Karen and John DelForno – Owners of Four Maples Fish Wholesalers, Wappinger’s Falls, New York

“We want to thank you for helping us with all of our personal and business accounting needs. In today’s world, if you have a professional that you can totally trust with all of your financial needs, then you hold onto them. Your office has been providing us with impeccable service for many years. We believe that you have our best interests at heart, and you have always helped to guide us as we participated in different ventures, which at times have gotten pretty complicated. That help has, on more than one occasion, resulted in significant savings to us. We are deeply grateful for all that your firm has done for us.”

Lawrence & Mary Paggi Owners of – Lawrence J. Paggi, PE, PC, Wappinger’s Falls, New York

“I have been using Roy Glassberg, CPA for the past 8 years. I like the personal touch he and his staff provide. Roy is always accessible to service my needs and answer any questions that may arise. I find him extremely knowledgeable, professional, diligent and thorough. He is always up-to-date on the newest laws, and is, thus, able to guide me in the right direction for all my business needs. It is with utmost confidence that I recommend Roy Glassberg and his firm.”

Dr. Wayne Goldstein – Owner of Ace Podiatry, Delray Beach, Florida

“We have been clients of Roy F. Glassberg, CPA PA for the past ten plus years. It is with great honor that we are writing this testimonial on behalf of Roy and his exceptionally professional staff. This team constantly provides Five-Star client service with a high degree of personal attention and integrity while offering full service solutions. While running five corporations and maintaining our own personal taxes may be over-whelming at times for us, Roy and his team through the culture of openness and mentoring make this a seemingly stress free environment.”

John & Lynda Quinn – Owners of Quinn Realty Group, Inc., Highland, New York

“I have been a client of Roy Glassberg for a decade and my wife, Beth, has been with him for several more years. We trust the expertise of Roy, not only with our business and our reputation, bur with all of our tax questions, with which they always help us promptly. They have guided me as I set up my own business and have always been there to help us with any concerns. When we were hit with unfounded charges and subsequent penalties by the IRS, Roy and his team took care of the situation cleanly and honestly.

Roy also prepares our tax returns with intense precision and always takes time to aid us in tax planning for the next year. We would recommend any of our family, friends and colleagues to Roy Glassberg and his amazing team.”

Chris Cordani – Owner of B.C. Eagle Media, LLC, Middletown, New York

“I have worked with the CPA firm of Roy F. Glassberg, CPA PA for over five years. Their expertise with Executive Office Centers is extensive, and their attention and service to our staff is exceptional. In addition to excellent tax work and planning, his firm saves us a considerable amount of money every year, due to his reliable outsourcing of our financial back office review and procedures If you would like to work with a CPA firm specializes in the Executive Office Center world and a firm that puts service first, then I highly recommend the firm of Roy F. Glassberg, CPA PA.”

Laura Kozelouzek – Principal at Quest Workspaces, LLC

“At Quest Workspaces, Roy Glassberg CPA has handled our accounting services for over 5 years. We are very pleased with the services we receive; we frequently seek their advice on many business issues and receive excellent advice. We truly consider them as part of the Quest family!

As the Vice President of Quest, I can’t express enough the satisfaction that I experience dealing with Roy Glassberg, CPA. It starts with the pleasant greeting I receive when I call their offices. I never feel like a “customer” – I feel like a friend and they always make time for me. They take a genuine interest in our business as well as the members of our team. They never fail to answer questions promptly and in language that I can readily understand and evaluate.

Roy & his team are real people; they aren’t just putting in time at work. The professionalism and advice they provide with their financial and management consulting is second to none – and we consider them one of our most valuable resources at Quest!”

Nancie Dudash, — Vice President at Quest Workspaces
Client Since 2009

“CapVisor Associates has been a client of Roy F. Glassberg CPA, PA for well over 10 years. Their professionalism and knowledge makes us very confident with their services. They present us with fresh ideas and offer the best possible accounting services all while keeping our expenses to a minimum. Their entire team is working in the best interest of our firm – they care and make themselves available when needed. We would recommend them highly to anyone.”

Susan Levy – Director of Client Services for CapVisor Associates, LLC, Chatham, New Jersey

“Katonah Management Group, its principals and clients have retained Roy F. Glassberg CPA, PA for over twenty years, during which time we have enjoyed the professional and personal service of your office. We have always been certain that the information we receive is accurate and targeted to the situation we are either trying to solve or to better understand. It is hard for us to quantify the benefit we receive; however, it is clear that many of the decisions we have made financially and strategically would have been very difficult without the insight and support of Roy Glassberg and his team. Both research and anecdotes have provided important input, allowing us to grow our business while balancing the demands of our personal lives.”

Bryan K. Hao – Principal at Katonah Management Group, Inc, Croton Falls, New York

“Every successful business possesses a strong foundation. Quality products and services are only part of the story though, as a commitment to reliability and sustainability fuels true long term growth – in a nutshell then, business is about relationships. It is no wonder that our business has been relying on the Glassberg family for all our accounting
needs for more than 30 years. For generations, we trust Roy F. Glassberg CPA, PA to do what they do best, so we can focus on what we do best.”

Charles Nardone – Owner of Ada Landman Inc, Spring Valley, New York

“Roy Glassberg has been our accountant for almost twenty years since the inception of Regent Business Centers. Mr. Glassberg has been an intricate part of Regent, not only as our accountant but also as a decision maker with regards to our growth and expansion across the country. His involvement with Regent became invaluable.

Over the course of 20 years Regent operated 18 locations with over $24M in revenue without having to ever hire one bookkeeper, never needing an accounting department, and getting the expertise of a 27 year “outsourced CFO” for the cost of only $5,000 per year per location.

Regent was sold in 2012 and Mr. Glassberg’s involvement with the transaction was paramount. I continue to utilize the services of Glassberg CPA both professionally and personally.”

David A. Nadler – Regent Business Centers, New York